What to Expect from a Hands On Interior Painting Project

What to Expect from a Hands On Interior Painting Project

Interior Painting


What to expect for your Interior Painting project

A home expresses the family’s unique lifestyle, and painting your interior’s surface is one of the best ways to tie a home’s atmosphere together.

Our process is simple and intended to provide a painless painting experience. We start every encounter by identifying your wants and home’s needs. Once we understand your wants, we look at every inch of your project and tailor your quote. If you are happy with our offer, we provide a same-day signing bonus and discounts for the military, people with disabilities, and seniors.

The next step is color approval. It’s best to decide on two colors and we will provide samples to put up to help with the final decision.

Painting a kids roomHands On Painting Cares!

You can expect cleanliness and respect whenever we are in your home. If, throughout the process, you need to be away from the home, you can trust our team to keep it safe and locked when occupying and when leaving at the end of the day.

Not only will a professional painter give you a new look, but the protection we offer is achieved with only the best materials and proper preparation. Whether that means moving away spiderwebs or cleaning up a greasy wall, we will ensure your paint lasts. Proper information on each formulation will be provided

We can paint most occupied homes. However, some of us are collectors and have items that need to remain. Our team will never do anything to compromise the integrity of your home or the items within. If we feel a space cannot be painted safely, we will not risk it and, with your approval, bring in a team of movers to clear the space before proceeding.

Your average 3-bedroom interior repaint will take 3-5 days. This includes walls, ceiling, and trim work; you can expect longer when you add doors and cabinets. Cabinets alone are a 3-day process due to the need to remove, clean,  prime, sand between each coat, and reinstall. Doors are similar in most cases. We will communicate in advance of the project completion so you can coordinate with us on a final walkthrough required on the day of completion.

We have an excellent reputation and look forward to continuing to build it with your participation.